Springtime Smile Contest: Plant, Post & Win!

May 13, 2024

Spring is in full bloom at Edge Endodontics, and we’re excited to launch our “Plant Your Springtime Smile” contest! As the leading endodontist specialists in Austin, we’re offering a challenge that combines nature, creativity, and community. This contest invites each participating office to decorate a pot and plant some seeds. It’s more than just gardening—it’s a chance to express your office’s unique spirit and compete for a delightful team lunch. Join us to celebrate growth, creativity, and community this spring!

How to Join the Fun
1. Follow Us on Instagram: Ensure your office’s Instagram account is following us at
@EdgeEndodontics. This step is crucial for participation.
2. Decorate Your Pot: We’ve provided each office with a pot – now it’s your turn to show off your creativity! Paint it, bedazzle it, or style it in any way that reflects your team’s character.
3. Plant Your Seeds: In your starter kit, you’ll find basil, sage, and lavender seeds. Plant them in your newly decorated pot. Even if they haven’t sprouted by the contest deadline, it’s your creative flair we’re celebrating!
4. Submit Your Entry: Capture a photo of your masterpiece and post it on Instagram by May 31st. Tag @EdgeEndodontics and use the hashtag #SpringtimeSmileContest. Make sure your post is public so our panel can evaluate your entry.
What’s at Stake?
The top three most creatively decorated pots will win a team lunch, courtesy of your trusted endodontist in Austin, Edge Endodontics, delivered on a mutually agreed date. It’s a perfect opportunity to appreciate your team’s efforts and enjoy some scrumptious food together!

Contest Timeline
● Start Date: Monday, May 13th
● Submission Deadline: Friday, May 31st, 11:59 PM
● Winners Announcement: Monday, June 3rd

Participating in our “Plant Your Springtime Smile” contest is more than just a chance to win. It’s a fantastic way to engage your team in a fun, creative activity while showcasing your office culture and enhancing our community of dental professionals. By joining, you’ll also enjoy a bit of nature in your office with your own mini garden. This contest highlights the inventive spirit of Edge Endodontics, where we not only specialize in root canal treatment but also in fostering a vibrant community. We’re eager to see your innovative decorations and celebrate a memorable spring filled with growth and smiles!