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Dermal Fillers

Dr. Salmeron is highly trained on facial esthetics and proud to be one of the only dentists in Austin area to offer dermal fillers to enhance your facial and dental esthetics.

Wrinkles that can be treated with dermal filler:

While “dynamic” wrinkles can be treated with Botox, “Static” wrinkles are caused by loss of volume and can be treated with Dermal filler injections. Wrinkles treated by dermal filler include:

  • Nasolabial folds (Smile Lines)
  • Oral Commissures (Downturned corners of the mouth)
  • Marionette Lines (can cause angular cheilitis which is inflammation and cracks in the corners of the mouth )

What are Dermal Fillers?

If you are looking for a non- surgical face lift or you just want to smooth out a few fine lines or fill in deep set wrinkles, injectables are for you. Millions of people use dermal fillers to achieve a more relaxed and smooth facial appearance while still having the freedom of expression.

As skin ages, it begins to lose collagen filled with hyaluronic acid (HA). Collagen and HA add structure and volume to the face, therefore a lack of HA causes the skin to sag and wrinkle – that’s where dermal fillers come into play.

Dermal fillers are smooth injectable gels made from naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Dermal fillers add volume to weakened facial features and can stimulate collagen growth. Each dermal filler is unique in its own way but similar in two. First, they plump skin and gently lift it to restore collagen loss due to the normal aging process. Secondly, dermal fillers motivate the body to create its own natural collagen and restore your face to a more natural, youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers approved by the FDA are minimally invasive and very safe. As with any procedure, there are possible risks, the most common being post-procedure bruising and swelling which are usually very minimal and resolve quickly. (As taken from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics website)

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