Benefits Of A Root Canal

Jan 1, 2020

Root Canal Start and FinishA root canal treatment saves you from early tooth loss due to advanced, untreated caries. It is a special filling meant to replace the third and innermost layer of a healthy tooth, known as the pulp. There are a number of benefits associated with getting a root canal done in a timely manner. Once pulpitis has been diagnosed via radiographs, as well as its classic signs and symptoms. Some of the most prominent benefits of a root canal include:


  • Curbing further development of caries and removing it entirely before it causes more destruction and complications
  • Preservation of the natural tooth
  • Preventing tooth loss due to caries
  • Complete restoration of the tooth’s compromised structure
  • Removal of infected pulp from the canals and chambers to prevent secondary infection
  • Following a root canal, a tooth is covered with a porcelain, or Porcelain Fused to Metal crown to restore its masticatory function in the oral cavity, and to protect it from further damage due to intra-oral forces.
  • Successfully relieves symptoms such as sharp, throbbing and radiating pain, swelling often accompanied by pus formation and general discomfort, that render a patient unable to eat, sleep or work properly.
  • Costs less than an implant surgery which may be needed in case of tooth loss
  • The dental surgeon administers anaesthesia at the site of surgery at the beginning of the procedure, making it completely painless for the patients.
  • The infected pulp of the tooth is replaced with the help of a special, inert endodontic filling material that is 100% biocompatible and has excellent sealing properties.
  • Following treatment, the affected tooth can be used normally for biting and chewing, and can be cleaned normally as well.
  • Root canals ensure complete functional and aesthetic restoration of caries-ridden teeth.

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